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We offer in-person, one-on-one tutoring, as well as workshops, in-class presentations, and online support.


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Booked appointment hours, Room 115, Burke Building
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Register for the Summer Writing Workshop 2018

Get a head start on university now.

SMU’s Writing Centre offers a university experience to help learn academic skills you will require to succeed at a university level. 

August 14 and 15, 2018


Attend classes, meet professors, and stay in residence. Meet other students like you.


Writing at a university level is demanding, whether it is for Business, Arts, or Science. The Summer Writing Workshop provides you with an opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge required.

You will work in small groups with trained instructors who will give you personal attention and immediate feedback on the types of writing you will encounter during your university career. The workshop will provide you with the edge needed to succeed in your first university year and beyond.

If you have difficulty with academic writing, this workshop will provide you with improved academic skills.

The workshop is open to all students attending any university or college.

Program overview

The workshop focuses on different aspects of university-level writing tailored for Arts, Sciences, and Business, including:

  • Two days of classroom instruction
  • Extensive writing resource materials
  • Panel discussion with Saint Mary’s professors
  • Individualized feedback
  • Residence packages available


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New! Lab Report Style Guide: Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science and the Writing Centre and Academic Communications are pleased to announce the creation and publication of the Lab Report Style Guide: Faculty of Science

The Guide is available in hardcopy in the writing centre, as well as online as a downloadable pdf.

Special thank you to the hard work and contribution of the editorial committee for the Guide:

  • Dr. Roby Austin, Astronomy and Physics
  • Dr. Richard Cisek, Astronomy and Physics
  • Dr. Anne Dalziel, Biology
  • Dr. David Dansereau, Biology
  • Dr. Jacob Hanley, Geology
  • Prof. Roxanne Richardson, Environmental Science
  • Dr. Kathy Singfield, Chemistry
  • Dr. Danielle Tokarz, Chemistry
  • Dr. Lindsey Carmichael, (Genetics) Writing Centre and Academic Communications


Look for the bright red cover.


Writing Tips

The writing centre's writing centre, OWL Purdue

Free APA Style Tutorials

The Chicago Manual of Style Online - Submit a Question to the Style Q&A

Expanded help in citing social media in APA Style (Twitter, Facebook, and even Google+)

An excellent list of logical fallacies - An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments (Ali Almossawi) 

Why never to use wikipedia as a reliable source of information - Revenge, ego and the corruption of Wikipedia (Salon.com)

70 Useful Sentences for Academic Writing (ThinkELT.com)

Words to Eliminate from Your Vocabulary (BusinessInsider)


Comments from Students

“My Writing Centre instructor was really supportive and helpful to me. She was really approachable, and I really recommend her to other students. I felt that I was not alone with all my stress.” - Commerce SMUdent

"Annick is really helpful with questions regarding citation, sentence structure, and organizing my content. Moreover, she is very invested in ensuring that you will succeed!" - Arts SMUdent

"I was very impressed, I felt like I received helpful constructive criticism.” - Science SMUdent



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